Angelika Strahser

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1982 in Graz, Austria
159 cm
Schauspielakademie Elfriede Ott (with distinction)
studies of law
2014 Finalist at Grazer Kleinkunstvogel
2015 Winner of a Talent Show by Viktor Gernot
English fluent / Italian fluent / French basic
Steyrian native / Austrian / Viennese
Horse riding / Skiing / Snowboard / Tennis
Guitar / Saxophone

Film Selection

Die Toten von Salzburg - Wolf im Schafspelz / ORF ZDF TV Movie / Director Erhard Riedlsperger
Mitten in mein Leben / ORF ARD TV Movie / Director Sascha Bigler
Stadtkomödie - Geschenkt / ORF TV Movie / Director Daniel Prochaska
Erbschaftsangelegenheiten - Noricum / ORF TV Series / Director Markus Engel
Der Trafikant / Feature Film / Director Nikolaus Leytner
Balanceakt / ZDF ORF TV Movie / Director Vivian Naefe
Landkrimi - Der Tote im See / ORF TV Movie / Director Nikolaus Leytner
Tatort - Die Faust / ARD ORF TV Movie / Director Christopher Schier
Trakehnerblut/ Servus TV Series / Director Christopher Schier
Life Guidance / Feature Film / Director Ruth Mader
Im Takt der Erinnerung / ARD ORF TV Movie / Director Nils Willbrandt
Vorstadtweiber / ARD ORF TV Series / Director Sabine Derflinger
Schnell ermittelt - Knut Holm / ORF TV Series / Director Gerald Liegel
Shut Up & Play The Piano / Cinema Documentary / Director Philipp Jedicke
Pregau / ARD ORF Movie / Director Nils Willbrandt
Soko Kitzbühel / ORF ZDF Series / Director Mike Zens
Mein Fleisch und Blut / Feature Film / Director Michael Ramsauer
Copstories / ORF Series / Director Umut Dag
Soko Donau Wien / ORF ZDF Series / Director Holger Gimpel
Superwelt / Feature Film / Director Karl Markovics
More Than Just Enemies - Prinz Eugen und das Osmanische Reich
ARTE ORF Documentation / Director Heinz Leger
Die Detektive / ORF Series / Director Michi Riebl
Soko Donau Wien / ORF ZDF Series / Director Manuel F. Hendry
Genau so geht's / ORF Series / Director Thomas Brezina

Stage Selection

2013 - 2016
Alles wird Knut / Leading part Knut / Wiener Rathaus / Director Gernot Haas
Hairschoftszeiten / Theaterzelt Groß Wilfersdorf / Director Britta Lang and Gernot Haas
Das Leben der Bertha von Suttner / FBW Wien / Director Rainhard Hauser
Umsonst / Sommerfestspiele Burg Lichtenstein / Director Elfriede Ott

Angelika Strahser was born in Austria in 1982.  Starting at the tender age of nine until her time at law school she spent her holidays acting out on local theater stages.  Having finalized her first year on the job as a lawyer she realized that dealing with legal disputes was not her cup of tea so she finally turned her attention to becoming a trained actress.  In 2010 she earned her degree with honors at the Schauspielakademie Elfriede Ott in Vienna, Austria.  It was only on the day after graduation that she was invited to audition at the famed Vienna Burgtheater.  This in turn strengthened her belief that the path she had chosen was the right one.  Ensuing jobs for theater and TV led to further opportunities like being offered a role, by the multiply decorated Karl Markovics, to play the daughter of Ulrike Beimpold for the big screener SUPERWELT.  The drama about self-discovery premiered at the 2015 Berlinale and the audience loved it making it a very moving experience for Angelika Strahser.  Again looking for a fresh challenge and drawing from her enormous comedic talent, Angelika Strahser invented a new character -a grade schooler named KNUT.  Consequently, she dared to take Knut in front of the jury and audience of Austria’s most renowned contest for up-and-coming comic talent and finished runner-up with her very own show called EVERYTHING WILL BE KNUT.  Way to go Angelika!  When it comes to her profession as an actress, Angelika Strahser wishes for her to be offered a wide array of different roles.  Rightly so, if you asked me.  After all, her charisma covers the whole gamut from utter modesty to courageous beauty.

Angelika Strahser in Der Trafikant 

World premiere and opening film
on 20. August 2018
at 6:45 pm at the Filmfestival Kitzbühel

Director Nikolaus Leytner



Angelika Strahser in the movie TATORT Die Faust

First broadcast
Sunday 14. January 2018
at 8:15 pm on TV station ORF2 and ARD

Director Christopher Schier

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