Christian Heller

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1961 in Immenstadt Allgäu, Germany
Basel, Switzerland / Munich, Germany
180 cm
Dark blonde
1986-1990 Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover
2009-2011 International Filmschool Köln, Workshops with
Stefan Krohmer, Markus Imboden, Lena Lessing, Giles Forman
Englisch fluent / French basic
Swabian native / Swiss German / Bavarian / Badish
Musical / Chanson / A Capella
Aikido / Football / Squash / Table Tennis / Boating
Argentine Tango / Ballroom Dancing
Car / Truck from 3,5 till 7,5 tons

Film Selection

Tatort Schwarzwald - Goldbach / SWR ARD TV Movie / Director Robert Thalheim
Tiere bis unters Dach - Hundeelend / SWR TV Series / Director Berno Kürten
Big Manni / ARD SWR TV Movie / Director Niki Stein
SOKO München - Targets / ZDF TV Series /
Director Katharina Bischof / Johanna Thalmann
Königin der Nacht / ARD SWR TV Movie / Director Emily Atef
SOKO Kitzbühel - Racheengel / ORF ZDF TV Series / Director Gerald Liegel
Die Rosenheim-Cops - Der letzte Akt / ZDF TV Series / Director Werner Siebert
Tatort - Der Inder / SWR ARD TV Movie / Director Niki Stein
Um Himmels Willen - Vaterfreuden / ARD TV Series / Director Dennis Satin
SOKO Köln / ZDF TV Series / Continuous Leading Part /
Directors Daniel Helfer, Ulrike Hamacher, Christoph Eichhorn and others
Hubert & Staller - Reif für die Anstalt / ARD TV Series / Director Wilhelm Engelhardt
Mobbing / BR ARD TV Movie / Director Nicole Weegmann
Weißblaue Geschichten - Ein Hotel zum Verlieben / ZDF TV Movie /
Director Michael Steinke
Back Light / Short Film / Director Florian Borkamp
Nur ein Wort / Short Film Switzerland / Director Rajko Jazbec
SOKO Köln - Helden / ZDF TV Series / Director Peter Stauch
Verblendung / Movie USA Sweden Norway / Director David Fincher
Uns trennt das Leben / arte BR SWR TV Movie / Director Alexander Dierbach
Kentucky Twisting / Filmakademie Ludwigsburg Short Film / Director Lena Leonhadt
Kommissarin Lucas - Wenn alles zerbricht / ZDF TV Movie / Director Thomas Berger
Ausgeträumt / Short Film Bauhaus Uni Weimar / Director Konstantin Egerndorfer
Frühlingserwachen / Short Film / Director Lisa Brühlmann
James Bond 007 - A Quantum of Solance / Feature Film UK USA / Director Marc Forster
Tag und Nacht / SF DRS TV Series / Continuous Leading Part / Director Sören Senn u.a.
Bloch - Vergeben, nicht vergessen / ARD TV Movie / Director Michael Verhoeven
Tatort - Bienzle und die große Liebe / SWR ARD TV Movie / Director Hartmut Griesmayr

Stage Selection

Effie Briest / Voralberger Landestheater Bregenz / Director Ronny Jakubaschk
Der Prozess / Medien-Theater-Falle Basel / Directors Ruth Widmer / S. Gärtner

i-Think / R. Suter / Medien-Theater-Falle Basel / Directors S. Gärtner/ R. Suter
2016 - 2017
Trust us : Don´t trust us / Kaserne Basel / Director Antje Schupp
2015 - 2017
Der Besuch der alten Dame / Schauspielhaus Zürich / Director Viktor Bodó
Der Gott des Gemetzels / Werkraum Theater Schöpflin Lörrach Switzerland / Director Marion Schmidt-Kumke
Hölderlin - Eine Expedition / Theater Basel - Große Bühne / Director Vera Nemirova
My Fair Lady / Prof. Higgins / Freilichtbühne Theater Augsburg / Director Thilo Reinhardt
Maria Stuart / Konzerttheater Bern / Director Stephan Rottkamp
2013 - 2014
Die Möwe von Anton Tschechow / Theater Basel / Director Viktor Bodó
Expats-Eidgenossen in Shanghai / Theater Basel / Director Antje Schupp
Der Kaufmann von Venedig / Theater Erlangen / Director Robin Telfer
2011 - 2012
Glück im 21. Jahrhundert / Keller Theater Winterthur / Director Udo van Doyen
A midsummernight's Dream / Theater Erlangen / Director Katja Ott
2010 - 2011
Mother Courage und her children / Theater Erlangen / Director Jakob Fedler
The God of Carrage / Theater Chur / Director René Schnoz
2005 - 2009
Tartuffe / Schauspielhaus Zürich / Director Matthias Hartmann
Human Writes / Projekt Tanzensemble Schauspielhaus Zürich / Director William Forsysthe
Wenn eine Dolores heißt / Musiktheater Zürich / Director Ruedi Häusermann
Macbeth / Schauspielhaus Zürich / Director Sebastian Nübling
Sex / Schauspielhaus Zürich / Director Matthias Hartmann
2002 - 2005
Nibelungen / Theater Freiburg / Director Sebastian Baumgarten
Kabale und Liebe / Theater Freiburg / Director Stephan Rottkamp
Die Fliegen / Theater Freiburg / Director Christiane Pohle
My Fair Lady / Musical Theater Freiburg / Director Roland Schwab
Richard III / Theater Freiburg / Director Gabriele Köstler
1998 - 2002
Titus Andronicus / Kampnagelfabrik Hamburg / Director Nora Somaini
Sommergäste / Schauspielhaus Zürich / Director Christiane Pohle
Täglich Brot / Staatstheater Dresden / Director Christiane Pohle
Der Plan / Sophiensaele Berlin / Director Christiane Pohle
1996 - 1998
Philoktet / Theater Basel / Director Hildburg Schmidt
Die Tagebücher des Lothar Matthäus / Theater Basel / Director Christian Heller
Diener zweier Herren / Theater Basel / Director Andreas von Studnitz
1990 - 1996
Aus dem Kellerloch / Theater Luzern / Director U. Steiner
Die Räuber / Theater Luzern / Director Albrecht Hirche
Mein Kampf / Theater Luzern / Director M. K. Hoffmann
The Glass Menagerie / Theater Luzern / Director Mark Zurmühle
La Cage aux Folles / Musical Theater Luzern / Director Stefan Huber
Romeo und Juliet / Theater Luzern / Director Daniel Wahl

Audio Books

Great Expedations von Charles Dickens / SBS Zürich
Commissario Tron 1-6 von N. Remin / SBS Zürich
Die Verlorenen von Daniel Mendelsohn / SBS Zürich
Zähne und Klauen von T. C. Boyle / SBS Zürich
Doggy Bag 1-6 by Phillipe Djan / SBS Zürich
Ins Offene von Karl-Heinz Ott / SBS Zürich

Christian Heller was born in Allgäu which is an area southwest of Munich, Germany. He was raised in Stuttgart and it sure was a long way until he got his first film part. But it was worth the wait since it was for one of the most long-lived and most critically acclaimed TV crime series in Germany: TATORT – BIENZLE und die ganz große Liebe. Christian Heller first studied pedagogics and worked in the field of pediatric psychiatry. He began to study drama in 1986 at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hannover, Germany and earned his degree there in 1990. Upon graduation, he was for 20 years an ensemble member at various theaters in Luzern, Basel, Freiburg, and the Schauspielhaus Zurich. During that time he has played many of the big roles like Romeo, Karl Moor, Prof. Higgins, Hitler to name a few. His first role in the above mentioned Tatort has only been one among many that Christian Heller earned critical acclaim for. Career highlights have been roles in the big feature film production QUANTUM OF SOLACE (dir.: Marc Forster) and the American adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (dir.: David Fincher) in which he got to perform opposite leading lady Rooney Mara. For one season he was cast in the role of attorney Dr. Kern alongside Sissy Höfferer in the TV crime series SOKO KÖLN. Directors that are most important to him are Ch. Pohle, A. Niemeyer, S. Baumgarten, S. Rottkamp, W. Forsythe, S. Nübling, R. Häusermann, D. Bösch and V. Bodo. Christian Heller is a first-class actor with the gift of being able to fascinate audiences with a certain thoughtful radiation that can unfold its energy in all genres and types of roles.

Christian Heller remains true to the world of theater even though at this time he is not involved with a specific ensemble group. Starting in the fall of 2013, audiences can see Christian Heller in The Merchant of Venice on the stage of Markgrafen Theater in Erlangen and in Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull at the Theater in Bern.