Leo Reisinger

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1978 in Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany
180 cm
2001-2004 Neue Münchner Schauspielschule - Ali Wunsch König
2010 Camera Workshop with Jan Messutat
2011 Method Acting Class with Robert Castle
2013 Kraft der Verkörperung Workshop Johannes Fabrick
2014 OSCAR / Student / of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science for the Shortfilm Border Patrol (leading part)
English fluent
Bavarian native
Piano professionell / Guitar / Drums
Modern Dance / Ballroom Dance / Schuhplatteln
Fencing / Football / Skiing / Snowboard

Film Selection

Toni, männlich, Hebamme - Daddy Blues / Lead / ARD TV Movie / Director Sibylle Tafel
Toni, männlich, Hebamme - Zwei wie Fuchs und Hase / Lead / ARD TV Movie / Director Sibylle Tafel
SOKO München - Feuerland / ZDF TV Series / Director Bodo Schwarz
Tonio und Julia - 3-6 / ZDF TV Movie / Director Stefan Bühling, Bettina Woernle
München Mord - Willkommen in Wahnmoching / ZDF TV Movie / Director Sascha Bigler
Tonio und Julia - 1-2 / ZDF TV Movie / Director Kathrin Feistl
Der Polizist, der Mord und das Kind / ZDF TV Movie / Director Johannes Fabrick
Nie mehr wie es war / ZDF TV Movie / Director Johannes Fabrick
Hubert & Staller - Rauchen ist tödlich / ARD TV Series / Director Sebastian Sorger
SOKO 5113 / ZDF TV Series / Director Marcel Gardelli
Die Rosenheim Cops - Tödliche Laster / ZDF TV Series / Director Walter Bannert
TATORT - Die letzte Wiesn / BR ARD TV Movie / Director Marvin Kren
Winterfrühling / ZDF TV Movie / Director Oliver Schmitz
Soko Kitzbühel - Ball des Anstosses / ZDF ORF TV Series / Director Martin Kinkel
Die Sache mit der Wahrheit / ARD TV Movie / Director Sibylle Tafel
Von Kerlen und Kühen / Leading Role / ARD TV Movie / Director Sibylle Tafel
Border Patrol / Leading Role / Feature Film GB / Director Peter Baumann
2014 Winner OSCAR / Student / of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Los Angeles for Best Foreign Film
2014 Winner of British Television Award London 2013 Winner of Outstanding International Student Film Award / Beijing Film Festival Academy in China

Paradies 505. Ein Niederbayernkrimi / BR TV Movie / Director Max Färberböck
Unter Verdacht - Das Blut der Erde / ZDF TV Movie / Director Andreas Herzog
München 7 - Die Suche nach dem Nichts / ARD BR TV Series / Director Franz Xaver Bogner
SOKO 5113 - Tabula Rasa / ZDF TV Series / Director Andreas Herzog
Die Provinzdiva / BR TV Movie / Director Peter Weissflog
Sau Nummer Vier. Ein Niederbayernkrimi / BR TV Movie / Director Max Färberböck
Der Kaiser von Schexing / BR TV Series / Director Franz Xaver Bogner

Stage Selection

2015 - 2018
Gämsendämmerung - Das Bavarical / Role Jennerwein or Pföderl / Theater Drehleier München
Der Wildschütz Jennerwein / Leading Role // Kultursommer Garmisch-Partenkirchen / Director Harald Helfrich
Männersache / Kulturtage der Stadt München / Director Leo Reisinger, Nikos Hippler
Der heimliche Gral - Ein Shakespeare von den Nibelungen / Sommertheater Dresden / Director Peter Förster
Narrenfreiheit / Fools Theater Holzkirchen / Director Leo Reisinger
2005 - 2006
Something happened on the way to heaven / Director Christof Keune
LiebesAkte / Director Robert Löhr
A Midsummernight's Dream / Director Robert Löhr

Leo Reisinger was born in Munich in 1978 and grew up in an area not far from the capital of Bavaria. He took professional piano classes and completed his vocational training to become a carpenter. Just by a stroke of fate, as he puts it, did he get into acting.
Upon graduation from Munich’s Neue Münchner Schauspielschule Ali Wunsch König and after more additional acting courses he was offered his first role in a film by the cult director Franz X. Bogner, who speaks with the same Bavarian accent as Leo Reisinger does. Whoever has worked with him wants him back, which is a fact that is confirmed by directors like Sibylle Tafel, Andreas Herzog, Max Färberböck, and Peter Baumann. What caught my eyes  -besides the fact that I immediately found myself being drawn into his performance- were his acting craft and his total commitment to his roles. The level of concentration is extreme. He won’t let go and goes all the way until he’s got what he wants. Watching him is so intense that you don’t know whether you’re laughing at or identifying with his character. Unlike in real life, it is Leo Reisinger’s dream to get a chance to play the bad guy. Rest assured that he will show us the abyss.

On stage, Leo Reisinger can fully play out his natural spontaneity. He loves to perform on stage and also does his own readings. His last role on stage was the lead in the Bavarian cult play Wildschütz Jennerwein. In addition to his acting commitments he is also a piano player in his rock band and (at a surcharge) might also get into singing everyone in a while. His English is perfect since he spent a year in Australia.

Leo Reisinger as the role Toni in the series Toni, männlich, Hebamme 

First broadcast
Friday 8. & 15. February 2019
at 8:15 pm on TV station ARD

Director Sibylle Tafel



Leo Reisinger in the newspapers TZ & Münchner Merkur

28./29. July 2018

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-31 um 17.41.31



Beginning of the production with Leo Reisinger in the lead role

April 2018 – the first two episodes of the new ARD Degeto
series “Toni, männlich, Hebamme” are being shot. The Producers are
Ronald Mühlfellner and Christina Christ

Director Sibylle Tafel



Leo Reisinger in two episodes of the TV series Tonio und Julia 

First broadcast
Thursday 12.04.2018 episode Kneifen gilt nicht
and 19.04.2018 episode Zwei sind noch kein Paar
both at 8:15 pm on TV station ZDF

Director Kathrin Kulens Feistl



Leo Reisinger in the TV movie Nie mehr wie es war

first broadcast
Monday 18. September 2017
at 8:15 pm in TV station ZDF

Director Johannes Fabrick