Martin Laue

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1984 in Bautzen, Germany
Leipzig, Germany / Munich, Germany
184 cm
2007 - 2011 Otto-Falckenberg-Schule München
German Young Actors Scholarship Deutscher Bühnenverein Nürnberg
English fluent
Saxon native
Yoga / Capoeira / Boxing / Surfing / Athletics / Fencing
Ballroom Dance / Latin American Dance
Car / Motorbike

Film Selection

Berlin Station / TV Series Epix USA / D / Director Christoph Schrewe
Counterpart / TV Series Starz USA / Director Jennifer Getzinger
Die Chefin - Gottlos / ZDF TV Mini Series / Director Florian Kern
Taunuskrimi - Die Lebenden und die Toten / ZDF TV Mini Series /
Director Marcus O. Rosenmüller
Hubert und Staller - Tattoo für die Ewigkeit / ARD TV Series / Director Sebastian Sorger
A Cure For Wellness / Feature Film / Director Gore Verbinski
Tatort - Einmal wirklich sterben / ARD TV Movie / Director Markus Imboden
Der letzte Genosse / ARD TV Movie / Director Philipp Leinemann
SOKO Leipzig - Doppelmord / ZDF TV Series / Director Andy Fetscher
Toleranz / BR TV Movie / Director Marc-Andreas Bochert
Seitensprung / ARD TV Movie / Director Sabine Boss
Hauptstadtrevier - Der falsche Arzt / ARD TV Series / Director Michael Wenning
Die Therapie Crasher / Feature Film / Director Anno Saul
SOKO Donau/Wien - Eine Leiche zuviel / ORF ZDF TV Series / Director Erhard Riedlsperger
Notruf Hafenkante - Der Schein trügt / ZDF TV Series / Director Oren Schmuckler
Kokowääh 2 / Feature Film / Director Til Schweiger
Nobody / Short Film / Director Gianfranco Leandrin
Akte Ex - Endlich Prinzessin / ARD TV Series / Director Christoph Klünker
SOKO Wismar - Brandbeschleuniger / ZDF TV Series / Director Sascha Thiel
Der Alte - Gekauftes Glück / ZDF TV Movie / Director Hartmut Griesmayr
SOKO 5113 - Abgehauen / ZDF TV Movie / Director Michael Wenning
SOKO Stuttgart - Giftpfeil / ZDF TV Movie / Director Christoph Eichhorn
Meine Familie bringt mich um / ARD TV Movie / Director Christian Balthasar
Mitte 30 / ARD TV Movie / Director Stefan Krohmer
Ein starkes Team - Blutige Ernte / ZDF TV Movie / Director Michel Bielawa

Stage Selection

A Midsummernight's Dream / Theater Erlangen / Role Lysander / Director Katja Ott
Der Mann der die Welt aß / Residenztheater München / Role Ulf / Director Manfred Riedel
Liliom / Residenztheater München / Role Drechsler / Director Florian Bösch EFFIGE! Büchners Brain & die Fische sterben ewig / Münchner Kammerspiele
Role Danton / Director Peter Kastenmüller
Süßer Vogel undsoweiter / Münchner Kammerspiele / Role Sven / Director Frederik Tiden
Katzelmacher / Münchner Kammerspiele / Role Erich / Director Aus Greidanus
Peter und der Wolf / Philharmonie München / Role Wolf / Katze / Director Gerd Pfafferodt
Down Understanding / Münchner Kammerspiele / Role Leon/Grieche / Director Schorsch Kamerun
Heavenly Poison / Münchner Kammerspiele / Role Rico / Director Nicola Hümpel
Unschuld / Young Actors Week Salzburg OFS / Role Elisio/Franz / Director Katharina Herold

Martin Laue was born and raised in Bautzen, Saxony and at the age of 18 moved to Berlin in order to do the mandatory military service after he had completed his apprenticeship. While meeting his obligations in the capital city he gathered all his courage to pursue his dream of becoming an actor and auditioned for drama school. Although he didn’t have any experience in performing, he knew that what he did and what he was going to do was right. During his audition at Munich’s Otto Falckenberg Schule -it was only his second audition- the deciding panel was convinced by his great talent and he was accepted at one of Germany’s most distinguished drama schools. It became the most exciting and memorable experience in his life up to that point and so he tried to absorb as much of the information and techniques as possible and got his diploma in 2011 which was topped off with a scholarship granted by the Deutscher Bühnenverein to up-and-coming acting talent. Martin Laue decided soon after his graduation that he wanted to work as a freelance actor in order to be able to incorporate working for film and TV as well as for theater. He has stayed with that decision ever since. So during and after drama school, theater directors of the Kammerspiele München, Residenztheater München, and Theater Erlangen were able to convince Martin Laue to guest-star in selected productions at their venues. Also during his years at drama school, he began to tune his craft in front of the camera. His ability to act naturally, his comedic talent and strong will are the ingredients that make up for his strength as an actor. When looking through the scenes on his demo reel it became clear to me that the directors had allowed him to fully play out his scenes and thereby securing him as much screen time as possible. This is due to the fact that Martin Laue is capable of transporting thought content and intention of a character in a way that I have rarely seen before. I hope for Martin Laue that he will meet directors that give him all the room he deserves to develop his ideas in the future.


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Martin Laue in the TV film Toleranz

Broadcast at TV station ARD alpha
at 24. February 2017 at 21:00

Director Marc-Andreas Bochert



Martin Laue in the movie A Cure For Wellness

USA / Germany

Cinema release Thursday 23. February 2017 /  20th Century Fox

Director Gore Verbinsky