Steffen Wink

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1967 in Pirmasens, Germany
175 cm
Staatliche Hochschule der HdK Berlin
English fluent / French good / Italian basic
Hessian / Palatine
Fencing / Skiing / Hang-Gliding / Acrobatics / Martial Arts / Horseback Riding
Saxophone / Guitar
Car / Motorbike

Film Selection

Letzte Spur Berlin - Freigang / ZDF TV Series / Director Peter Ladkani
Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot / ZDF Feature Film / Director Seyhan Derin
Limbo / Feature Film HFF Munich / Director Tim Dünschede
Berlin Station / Netflix Series USA / Season 2 Episode 201 - 210 / Director Christoph Schrewe
Klassentreffen /Feature Film / Director Til Schweiger
SOKO München - Ausgedient / ZDF TV Series / Director Michel Guillaume
SOKO Stuttgart - Teufelszeug / ZDF TV Series / Director Rainer Matsutani
Jugend ohne Gott / Feature Film / Director Alain Gsponer
Die Chefin - Zieh dich aus / ZDF TV Mini Series / Director Florian Kern
2014 - 2015
BEEF! / RTL Nitro TV Magazine / Moderation Steffen Wink
Rosenheim Cops - Die Reisen des Herrn Stuckenthalers /
ZDF TV Series / Director Werner Siebert
Das Traumschiff - Mauritius / ZDF TV Movie / Director Hans-Jürgen Tögel
Die Rosenheim Cops - Abgehängt / ZDF TV Series / Director Walter Bannert
Kokowääh 2 / Feature Film / Director Til Schweiger
Neue Adresse Paradies / ZDF TV Movie / Director Peter Strauch
Helden - Wenn Dein Land Dich braucht / SAT1 TV Movie / Director Hansjörg Thurn
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Hundstage / RTL TV Series / Director Axel Sand
Die Quellen des Lebens / Feature Film / Director Oskar Roehle
Ein Fall für Zwei - Schicksal / ZDF TV Series / Director Michael Kreindl
Klarer Fall für Bär / ZDF TV Movie / Director Dirk Pientka
Wilde Pferde auf Hillesund / ZDF TV Movie / Director Martin Gies
Zweiohrküken - Rabbit Without Ears 2 / Feature Film / Director Til Schweiger
Bergwacht - Jetzt oder nie / ZDF TV Series / Director Axel de Roche
Rosa Roth - Notwehr / ZDF TV Movie / Director Carlo Rola
Der Bergdoktor / ZDF TV Series / Director Axel de Roche
Forsthaus Falkenau - Das Inselabenteuer / ZDF TV Movie / Director Andreas Jordan-Drost
Lara / Feature Film / Director Bernd Schadewald
Lasko - Die Faust Gottes / RTL TV Series / Director Axel Sand
Liebe und andere Delikatessen / ARD TV Movie / Director Matthias Tiefenbacher
Die Rosenheim Cops - Tut Harry Norden morden? / ZDF TV Series / Director Gunter Krää
Soko Leipzig - Spuren lügen nicht / ZDF TV Series / Director Michel Bielawa
Der Bibelcode / ORF, PRO7 TV Mini Series / Director Christoph Schrewe
Ein Fall für Zwei - Schmutzige Hände / ZDF TV Series / Director Claus Theo Gärtner
Eine Liebe im Zeichen des Drachens / ARD TV Movie / Director Helmut Metzger
SOKO 5113 - Tod nach Dienstschluss / ZDF TV Series / Director Werner Siebert
Sperling - und der Fall Wachutka / ZDF TV Movie / Director Thomas Jahn
Barfuss / Feature Film / Director Til Schweiger
Die Patriarchin / ORF, ZDF Mini Series / Director Carlo Rola
Edel & Starck - Ehre und Anstand / SAT1 TV Series / Director Otto Witte
Meine Frau, meine Freunde und ich / Feature Film / Director Detlef Bothe
SOKO 5113 - Eine alte Rechnung / ZDF TV Series / Director Jörg Schneider
Die Rosenheim Cops / ZDF TV Series / Director Thomas Kronthaler
Ein ganz normales Paar / SWR TV Movie / Director Esther Wenger
La Dolce Rita / ARD TV Movie / Director Axel de Roche
Luisa Sanfelice / Italy / France / RAI1 TV Mini Series / Director Vittorio and Paolo Taviani
Großstadt Schocker / Short Film / Director Florian von Donnersmarck
Auf Herz und Nieren / Feature Film / Director Thomas Jahn
Flitterwochen im Treppenhaus / Feature Film / Director Markus Bräutigam
Les Misérables - Gefangene des Schicksals / TV Mini Series F/D/USA/E / Director Josée Dayan
Wambo / SAT1 TV Movie / Director Jo Baier
Der Himmel kann warten / Feature Film / Director Brigitte Müller
Island of the Dead / Feature Film CDN / Director Tim Southham
Die Dämmerung von Dubrovnik / Feature Film BIH / Director Zeljko Senecic
Kai Rabe gegen die Vatikankiller / Feature Film / Director Thomas Jahn
Black Souls / Feature Film / Director Andreas Thiel and Kai Hensel
Bin ich schön? / Feature Film / Director Doris Dörre
Coming in / SWF TV Movie / Director Thomas Bahmann
Maja / Feature Film / Director Volker Maria Arend
1996 - 1998
Schimanski / Leading Part / WDR TV Series /
Director Hajo Gies / Mark Schlichter / Josef Rusnak
Monty Spinnerratz / Feature Film / Director Michael Huse
Schicksalsspiel / NDR TV Movie / Director Bernd Schadewald
Boomtown / Feature Film / Director Christoph Schrewe

Stage Selection

2011 - 2016
The King's Speech - Die Rede des Königs / Role Lionel Loge / Theatergastspiele Kempf-Tournée / Director Helmuth Fuschl
Leonce und Lena / Neue Schaubühne-Tournée / Director Gil Mehmert
Der Mann ohne Vergangenheit / Hamburger Kammerspiele / Director Gil Mehmert
Was ihr wollt / Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel / Director Matthias Fontheim
Romeo und Julia / Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel / Director Leander Haußmann
Der Streit / Residenztheater München / Director Amélie Niermeyer

As a kid, Steffen Wink dreamt of becoming an inventor like Gyro Gearloose.  He consequently enrolled at an engineering school to receive vocational training there.  His German teacher  -assigning an analysis of the play Andorra by Max Frisch- prompted a change of direction for Steffen Wink.  Steffen delved deeply into the play entirely relating to the character of “Andri”. This experience  ultimately caused the change in his professional trajectory.  Determined to become an actor, he first acted for a year in school plays at the Kammerspiele Frankfurt along with other young ambitious students.  He then applied successfully for acting school in Berlin for a study period of eight semesters.  The director at the Residenztheater München, Eberhard Witt, offered him a contract of two years after graduation from acting school.  During that time at the Resi, he collaborated with the likes of Leander Haußmann and Amélie Niermeyer.  He cites feeling uncomfortable in closed and dark rooms and also not being able to see the light of day there as easily comprehensible reasons for leaving the theater as a workplace.   Besides, only a fool would have turned down offers to play leading roles in Maja or Coming In and also working for Doris Dörrie in Bin ich schön? and opposite Fatih Akin in Black Souls. His most prominent roles so far were the recurring sidekick Schrader opposite Götz George in the long-lived TV series Schimanski and in the TV mini-series called Les Miserables opposite John Malkovich and Gérard Depardieu.   For a number of years it was well-known director Oskar Roehler who had wanted to collaborate with Steffen Wink and finally, in 2011, they got around to doing so in the big screener Die Quellen des Lebens.

Steffen Wink in the series Berlin Station / Staffel 2

First broadcast
of the second season from October 2017 on Netflix

Director Michael R. Roskam, Christoph Schrewe u.a.

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